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Acid Tone Stain - Ebony (1L) For Pattern Imprinted Concrete

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A penetrating solution of metallic salts used to colour new or old concrete.

Product information

Please note that Ebony is actually dark brown, not black. This will darken with additional coats. Colours can vary when treated coloured concrete.


  • IMPORTANT: Multicrete Acid Tone Stain must not be applied to concrete surfaces that are less than 14 days old.
  • Ensure to carefully mask the surrounding areas to avoid accidental staining as removal of acid stains is near impossible.
  • Dampen the cured concrete surface.
  • Whilst damp, brush or spray the Acid Tone Stain on and allow to dry thoroughly. Stains applied by brush will penetrate well but care must be taken to minimise brush marks.
  • If a second coat of colour is required repeat the same process in which the first coat was applied.
  • In time, you will notice a residue that will form on the concrete. Do not be alarmed by the residue. It is due to the chemical reaction that takes place between the acid stain and the limes in the concrete and may be present in various colours.
After the final application of the Acid Tone Stain has remained on the surface for a minimum of 4 hours, all unreacted Acid Tone Stain residue must be neutralised and then removed completely prior to sealing. A solution of baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) and water, using 500g of Baking Soda per 21 Litres of water, can be used to neutralise the residual Acid Tone Stain.
  • Apply the solution until it stops fizzing.
  • After neutralisation, the surface must be rinsed thoroughly with clean water several times to remove soluble salts.
  • While rinsing, lightly abrade the surface.
  • Runoff may stain adjacent areas or harm plants. It should be collected by wet-vacuuming or absorbing with an inert material.

Approx' 5-6m² per litre

(Please note image 2 illustrates acid stains being applied to a plain grey concrete slab, acid colours may vary depending on the colour of the imprinted concrete surface)

Our sample image shows a grey concrete slab treated with our range of acid tone stains. Due to the porosity of the slab, several coats of acid stain were applied. Colours can vary when treating coloured concrete.

Weight: 1.5kg