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Block Paving Sealer - Satin (25L)

£102.50 (ex. VAT)
A high quality acrylic solvent based clear sealer, designed to enhance and protect block paved areas.

Product information

Multicrete Block Paving Sealer is a high quality acrylic solvent based clear sealer, designed to enhance and protect block paved areas by repelling water, dirt, oil and fuel. Bonds and stabilises jointing sand.

Please note all non-palletised orders of this product will be dispatched under limited quantity transport regulations in 5 litre containers


  • Ready for use no dilution required
  • Surface dry in 1-4 hours (depending on air and gound temperature)
  • Inhibits weed and moss growth
  • High solids
  • Enhances concrete block paved drives and patios
  • bonds and stabilises jointing sand
  • 2-4 square metres per litre depending on the substrate, porosity of surface and application method. Some porous or neglected surfaces may require more than a single coat.
  • For new surfaces – Sealants should never be applied to freshly laid paving. It usually takes at least 3 or 4 months for the jointing sand to properly settle and for any efflorescence to disappear. We recommend that you do not seek to get your paving sealed for at least 6 months after installation. Should it be sealed too soon, you will be sealing in any problems and the application of sealant cannot easily be reversed.
  • For old surfaces – fully clean off with power wash, apply premium weed and moss inhibitor. Allow to dry thoroughly (a minimum of 3-4 days of completely dry weather) and re-apply jointing sand prior to sealant application.
  • Ensure the entire area is completely dry, clean and free of debris.
  • Remove all traces of weeds, algae stains, lichen and any other old stain.
  • Ensure no sand remains on the surface of the blocks.
  • On occasion, washing or pressure cleaning will cause reactive efflorescence and substrate saturation. Therefore allow at least 2 weeks between cleaning and application of sealant to allow to dry out and to check for reappearance.

  • Do not apply when ground temperatures are below 8 degrees
  • Do not apply to damp or wet surfaces
  • Do not apply when rain is imminent or if efflorescence is present
  • Do not walk on treated area till dry
  • Do not park vehicles on treated surface for 24-48 hrs
  • Do not use on clay surfaces
  • Inclusion of additives such as colour tints, pigments and anti-slip agents may affect final finish
  • Please note that all concrete block paviors are not the same and can vary dramatically in porosity, some may only require one coat, others a second coat is necessary.
  • Remove any previously applied material that may affect adhesion of the sealer such as paints and incompatible vanishes
Test Patch
  • Some sealants may impart a glossy, wet look that isn’t always to everyone’s taste and some products may not be suitable for your particular type of paving. Therefore, it is always advised to test the sealant on a small discreet area before applying it to the whole driveway or patio.
  • Always perform a test patch on block paving as you may find that the ground is holding water. The block may appear surface dry, however the block underneath may still be wet.
  • Depending on the porisity of the blocks, a primer coat may need to be applied, this would allow the smaller pores in the blocks to be filled prior to application of neat sealant. Dilute the sealant with xylene at a ratio of 1:1
  • It’s advised that sealants are applied to block paving by someone in the trade. This is because once the sealant has been applied, it cannot easily be removed. A professional will also be able to advise on how many coats should be applied.

Please note – solvent based sealants may “bloom” should damp or moisture be present before full cure has taken place. Solvents are released during the cure that normally permeate through the sealer, however if the sealant is applied too thickly, the substrate is damp or cold, blooming may occur giving the appearance of milky white or silvery cloud effect, this may look patchy, spotty in certain areas or across the whole driveway or patio.

Weight: 24.99kg